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The topic of “Who is the Church?” is a prevailing issue today as we observe apostasy in the midst of the national establishments. The following is a list of studied concerning who the Church is and some prophecies regarding the issue of the Church that would and have come to pass.

Who is the church?

new church organization who is the church ***A MUST READ BOOK*** God’s Church Organization – The House Built on the Rock – “God has a church. It is not the great cathedral, neither is it the national establishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people who love God and keep His commandments.“ – Ellen White

List of Chapters of book with links:


1: The Counterfeit Church Organization and the True Building
2: Reformers on the Church
3: Man Appoints a Head to the Organization
4: Foundation and Pillars of our Faith Changed
5: Deadliest Heresy in Seventh Day Adventism
6: God’s church is not confined to an Earthly organization
7: The True Seed of Abraham
8: The Elijah Message
9: Philadelphia – The 144,000
10: A Great Danger Right Before the Plagues are Poured Out
11: The Principles of Separation
12: Not to go and Listen to Error
13: Abomination and 25 Men A Prophecy by Ezekiel
14: Rebuilding That Which is Fallen – Reorganization

15: Church of the Firstborn – The Name of God’s People

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Who is the Church?

the church

Philadelphia or Laodicea – Who is the remnant?

Stay on the Ship – A common saying in the general conference. But has it been missapplied? Have they made shipwreck of the faith delivered to the saints?

Can the conference ever be called Babylon – We go over the quotes and find something very interesting.

Let us make a name – This woman has commited fornication with the kings of the earth and the call to God’s people is “Come out of her my people”.

The General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists was NEVER considered “the church”– This article goes over the giant misconception that the term “Gods Church” “The Church” or “Seventh Day Adventist Church” apply to the earthly organization called the General Conference.

Judgment to Come– This article documents how Paul spoke about a judgment to come. He was brought before worldly councils in an attempt to stop him. And it documents how a nation brings a judgment against themselves and they can unchurch themselves before that judgment comes.

Foundation and Pillars of our Faith Changed: Have the pillars of our Seventh Day Adventist faith been changed? Many when they think of the pillars of the Seventh Day Adventist faith think of the Sanctuary and the three angels messages. These are the pillars of our faith. There is a truth that is seen in the sanctuary. The truth about God and his son are seen in the sanctuary. Fear God and give glory to him.

Seventh Day Adventist Trademark– Recently I was sent an email about a matter of church and state which seems to be going to a whole new level and should be quite alarming to us especially if we are Seventh Day Adventists who stand up for Christian liberty. The matter is in regards to the adventist trademark which was acquired by the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

God’s Church is the Voice of God on the earth_The General Conference is not – The Church of God is Gods voice on earth but a manmade organization called the General Conference. An organization that has applied our good name to it’s hospitals killing babies by means of abortion, bringing others before the courts in trademark lawsuits, investing our tithe in warplanes and missile developing businesses that destroy millions.

501(c)3 churches – Giving the church to the State.

Ted Wilson new General Conference President – A new Conference President has been elected to the conference church. What does prophecy declare regarding these previous presidents as well as the new president. Have these presidents been responsible for much of the apostacy in the Seventh Day Adventist General Conference church- See More…

The Pioneers on Philadelphia being the “last true Church” – The Understanding of the Pioneers of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Regarding Philadelphia being Gods’ Last True Church

Church Authority – Throughout the years many churches have took it upon themselves to exercise authority over their brethren. Many have based this authority on their position which they believe gives them authority over the flock of God. But there is no such thing as Church members or leaders exercising arbitrary authority in the Church of God.

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