I was Told “God Doesn’t Kill”…BUT IT IS WRITTEN
The Son of Man Came Not to Destroy – Does God Destroy

Is Satan Always “The Destroyer”q

Was the Flood Natural or Supernatural
Spiritualism – Does God Kill – At War With the Plain Word
Is God an Extortioner?
Are ALL the Judgments DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY from God
Does God command Murder or Ratsach?  Numbers 35:30 Answered
God Say’s “I Kill and I Make Alive” – Is this referring to a Spiritual Birth – Ellen White
“God Destroys No Man”  Yet “God Will Destroy All Flesh”  How Do We Harmonize This?
A Misunderstanding of God’s love and Justice – Does God Kill
Does God Kill – The Character of God
Is God a Murderer? 
Yes…Seventh-gay Adventism and Spiritualism

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