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Remember the Law of Moses Rejected in 1888 – Remember the Law of Moses With its Statutes and Judgments – Nailedfeast of tabernacles sanctuary appointed times camp meetings sda seventh day adventist to the Cross in 1888 – Seventh Day Adventist. Shortly before 1888 a major issue arose regarding ‘The Law in Galatians.’ It ended up that some of our pioneers such as G.I. Butler and Uriah Smith were instrumental in the rejection of the 1888 messsage. Find out why it was rejected and how we still have yet to accept this glorious light today. See More…

Let no man Judge you – God told us that we will be observing new moons in the new heaven and earth. Paul kept the feasts with gentile believers. The Lords supper was celebrated on these days. They were being judged in regards to food and drink, and the Jews were wondering where the sacrifice was. But Paul said ‘let no man judge you’. This article goes over what is truly being said in Colossians 2:14-17. It also looks at some historic Seventh Day Adventist writings by Ellen White

New Moon Knowledge – The Bible has much to say concerning the moon, both as a heavenly body of illumination, and as an indication of when months and years begin, and when to hold special gatherings. It is also used symbolically in Revelation when John is describing the remnant church, which we will examine towards the end of this study.’At the time of the new moon a sacred festival was celebrated in Israel.’ (Ellen WhitePP 665)

Ceremonial Law SOP – In this brief study we analyze some quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy regarding the ‘ceremonial law’ to see if it is referring to Sabbaths, New Moons, or Feasts. What we have found is that the Ceremonial law refers only to the sacrifices, offerings and the priesthood.

AT Jones on the Feasts – In this short study we look at quotes that show that AT Jones condoned the early church keeping the feasts at the proper times after the cross and that Rome “changed times and laws” including the feast times.

Video – Blueprint for the Bride of Christ

Other Interesting Articles Concerning the Law and the Covenants

Under the Schoolmaster – This article details the issue of under the law and goes over the issue of how “before faith came we were kept under the law” and examines not only the New Testament but also goes over the patriarchs in the Old Testament to find that even Moses, and the Righteous Abel were not under the law, but rather under grace, justified by faith. However these great men even before faith came to them, they were kept under the law.

The Added Law Galatians 3:19 – What is the ‘added law’ according to scripture? Is it the moral law? or is it the ceremonial law? Or is it both? The bible talks about God speaking at mount Sinai and ‘he added no more’. Gal 3:19 Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made; and it was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator.

The Two Covenants – The Everlasting Covenant and the Covenant at Sinai – Our God cannot lie, he is faithful and keeps his promises, the everlasting covenant. At Mount Sinai God made a covenant with the people. For some reason the promises of that covenant were not good. In this study we examine the foundation of the Covenant debate to find a great blessing.

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