No Man Might Buy or Sell – A New Economic Order – Get Out of the Cities Part 3 of 3

No Man Might Buy or Sell – A New Economic Order – Get Out of the Cities Part 3 of 3

Watch Part 1 Here if you haven’t seen it already:

Watch Part 2 here:

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series on how there is a sign before us to give a loud cry to get out of the cities. I will be doing more work on this issue as there is considerably much more evidence, then fits into these few small videos. However to make this easy for others to see, I’ve compacted some of the evidence concluding that it is time to give the loud cry of Revelation 18. However, we should be crying so loud, just as Jesus wept over Jerusalem, that a call should also be given to get out of the cities, considering the upcoming planned economic collapse.

There is a new economic and world order, the writing is on the wall, there have been churches that have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, and the announcement is that Babylon is fallen, and to come out of her.

The woman in Revelation has been made desolate by the 10 horns, and an important sign has been given to us that we must “know” and “understand” which will is shown in the third part of this series. DO NOT MISS IT. Part 1 and 2 lay the groundwork for the grand finale, part 3. So be sure to like, share and subscribe for more.

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