Laodicea or Philadelphia?

What church of the seven churches of Revelation is the Seventh Day Adventist church today?  I’d like to propose that two of the Seven churches of Revelation represent Seventh Day Adventists.  One is “Laodicea”, one is “Philadelphia”.  James White explains that the Philadelphia Church started in 1844 with the sanctuary message. 

“Behold I set before thee an open door. This door Christ opens, while He shuts another. As the Philadelphia church applies to no other period than the time of the termination of the 2300 days(1844), when Christ closed His work for the world in the Holy, and opened the door of the Holiest of all, the conclusion seems irresistible that the open and shut door of Revelation 3:7, 8, refers to the change in the position and work of our great High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary. He then closed the work or door of the daily ministration in the Holy, and opened the door of the Most Holy. The tabernacle of the testimony was then opened; but before this could be done, the door, or work of Christ's continual mediation in the Holy, had to be closed. This may well be likened to the shut door in the parable.

The idea that the door of God's mercy is closed or ever was to be closed to those who do not reject the offers of mercy is not found in the Bible. No such door is mentioned in Scripture. But that there ever has been a point, beyond which men may go, where, according to the plan of salvation, the intercession of Christ could not benefit them is evident.” [James White NRH, June 9,1851].

The church of Philadelphia(the 6th church)

Rev 3:7-13 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.  Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

In speaking of those who have all the characteristics of Philadelphia, Ellen White identifies Philadelphia as the 144,000, the final remnant. 

The 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united. On their foreheads was written, God, New Jerusalem, and a glorious star containing Jesus’ new name. At our happy, holy state the wicked were enraged, and would rush violently up to lay hands on us to thrust us into prison, when we would stretch forth the hand in the name of the Lord, and they would fall helpless to the ground. Then it was that the synagogue of Satan knew that God had love us who could wash one another’s feet and salute the brethren with a holy kiss, and they worshiped at our feet.” (EGW Early Writings page 15)

In a September 1850 article by the Advent Review Publishing Committee, which was composed of Hiram Edson, David Arnold, George W. Holt, Samuel W. Rhodes, and James White who apparently wanted to leave a permanent record of what their stand was on God's last true church, the article states:

"Now just as sure as the Philadelphia church is the true church of the last days, just so sure the 144,000 are sealed, just before the coming of the Lord"

Notice in the quote above by Ms. White she tells us that the 144,000 have all the characteristics of Philadelphia.  We will see shortly that the Laodicean Church is  actually the Synagogue of Satan.  And also they are called by the SOP “professed Adventists”, “nominal[in name only] Adventists. Jesus stands at the door of that church and knocks.  He says not one good thing about the Laodicean church.   The 144,000 have all the characteristics of  Philadelphia according to the quote above from the SOP.  God makes those who say they are Jews and are not worship at the feet of the 144,000.

“.....And as we were about to enter the holy temple, Jesus raised His lovely voice and said, “Only the 144,000 enter this place,” and we shouted, “Alleluia.”...."This temple was supported by seven pillars, all of transparent gold, set with pearls most glorious. The wonderful things I there saw I cannot describe.....I saw there tables of stone in which the names of the 144,000 were engraved in letters of gold. After we beheld the glory of the temple, we went out and Jesus left us and went to the city. Soon we heard His lovely voice again, saying, “Come, My people, you have come out of great tribulation, and done My will; suffered for Me; come in to supper, for I will gird Myself, and serve you.” (Early Writings page18)

The 144,000 have God’s name, the new Jerusalem and Jesus new name written on their foreheads. They are the church of Philadelphia, not Laodicea. Now notice that God showed her that the “Jews who say they are and are not” are “professed Adventists”.

“You think, that those who worship before the saint’s feet, (Rev 3:9), will at last be saved. Here I must differ with you; for God shewed me that this class were professed Adventists, who had fallen away, and “crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.” And in the “hour of temptation,” which is yet to come, to show out every one’s true character, they will know that they are forever lost; and overwhelmed with anguish of spirit, they will bow at the saint’s feet.” (EGW A Word to the Little Flock, page 12)

Did you catch that.  Those Jews who say they are and are not are actually “professed Adventists” the “synagogue of Satan”.  In other words “nominal Adventists”.  This is referring to the “hour of temptation” otherwise known as “the time of trouble” which she says “is yet to come”.  Those who say they are Jews and are not refers to “professed Adventists”.  We have our Gods name written on our forehead. 

The name of the God of Jesus.  The fathers name.  This quote is referring to the time of trouble when professed Adventists acknowledge Philadelphia as the remnant true church.   Carefully read the characteristics of the 144,000 in this next verse.  They are the characteristics of Philadelphia. 

Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion, and with him a hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads. 

Get the oil for your lamp.  You know that the General Conference of Adventists admits they are Laodicea. 

“Today we hesitate to claim we’re the remnant; but as for Laodicea, that’s us! Us alone!...No other Christian group vies with us for the dubious privilege of being identified with it....claiming exclusive rights to Laodicea is not politically incorrect. So, unchallenged, we’ve become anchored in the view that Seventh-day Adventists are the sole group envisioned in the apocalyptic concept of that term.” Adventist Review, August 28, 2008, p 5.

So the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists are pretty sure of who they are.  They are Laodicea.  And they are unchallenged about this.  But what does the Spirit of Prophecy say in regards to the Laodicean Church. 

The Presence of God not in her midst

“Those who claim to believe the truth do not possess that power that God would bestow upon them if they really believed, and were striving for conformity to His image. The church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of God is not in her midst.” (EGW Notebook Leaflets, page 99 MS 166 1898)

Wait a second.  The presence of God is not in her midst. 

"To the end of time, the presence of the Spirit is to abide with the true church." Acts of the Apostles, p. 55

But the presence of God according to the above quote will never leave the true church?   If the Conference is Laodicea and the presence of God is not in Laodicea then we can conclude that the conference is not Gods “true church”.  So where then can we find the “presence of God”? 

“God has a church. It is not the great cathedral, neither is it the national establishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people who love God and keep His commandments. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matt. 18:20). Where Christ is even among the humble few, this is Christ’s church, for the presence of the High and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity can alone constitute a church” (The Upward Look, p. 315).

So the presence of God dwells in his true church and his presence alone can constitute a church.  Therefore since Gods presence isn’t in Laodicea, then Laodicea is not a real church.  It is a counterfeit.

Foolish virgins standing outside the door

“The state of the church represented by the foolish virgins is also spoken of as the Laodicean state.” (EGW Review and Herald, August, 1890)

There are ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom but how many are saved? The fact that they are all virgins suggest that they come from the virgin or pure church. But they divide and the five foolish virgins never get in and are represented as Laodicea. They are outside knocking to get in. "An open and shut door".  Present truth. Hear what the spirit saith to the church. 

Some say the 7 churches are in time periods and we would have to time travel to get back to Philadelphia.  However they really cannot find one quote from the SOP which gives the time when Philadelphia ends.  In fact the SOP constantly refers to the 144,000 as those with the character of Philadelphia[Rev 14:1]. So therefore it goes through, whereas Laodicea is nothing but an imposter a counterfeit Adventist church. 

Each church does represent a period of time.  2 churches will make it to the end according to SOP.  The one with the name of there God in there forehead is the 144,000[Rev 14:1, 3:9].  That one is Philadelphia.  And then another that makes it to the end which is Laodicea also makes it to the time of the end. Many have said that the churches overlap.   This is true again.

Laodicea represents Adventists who didn’t walk in the light

"The message to the Laodiceans is applicable to SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS who have great light and have not walked in the light." 2 Selected Messages p. 66.

That is the second church that makes it to the end.  You don't want to be a Laodicean when Jesus returns.  But the message to Philadelphia is the one to the 144,000 who have walked in the light.  Laodiceans are clearly those who will not walk in the light. 

“The church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of God is not in her midst.” (EGW Notebook Leaflets, page 99 MS 166 1898)

If we believe we are in Laodicea we can know that the presence of God is not in our midst.  It doesn't matter how much evidence we think we've seen that the presence of God is in our midst.  "Faith is not the evidence of things seen"[Heb 11:1].  Those who go by what they see will be deceived because Satan will work many miracles in these last days.  He brings down fire from heaven in the sight of men.  Just as the fire of Gods spirit was brought down on the day of Pentecost.  Satan will counterfeit it. 

We can know by the fruit on the tree.  We can also know by the written word.   Faith comes by the word of God alone. [Rom 10:17].  God has reserved a remnant according to the promise.  God has answered and said I have reserved 144,000 who have not bowed down to the image of Baal.[Romans 11:1-4] 

Jud 1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints

Jud 1:4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.  

“What we want now is a reorganization. We want to begin at the foundation[Philadelphia], and to build upon a different principle.” [Last Day Events, page 53]

God does not work with disorder.  But out of the churches today confusion reigns.  We have a God who can create order out of confusion.  The last called out people know no standard but the word. 

This next quote is about the "Loud cry" which is also called "The glory that lightens the earth"[Rev 18:1].  Look what happens to the Laodiceans when this "glory that lightens the earth" or "the loud cry" comes.   This quote is very powerful. 

The glory that lightens the earth _ The Loud Cry

Rev 18:1  And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

Rev 18:2  And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

Rev 18:3  For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

Rev 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

"The message to the Laodicean church is appropriate to the church of this time. . . . "I will come unto thee quickly and remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." How long shall this warning be resisted? How long shall it be slighted?

"Spiritually deadened, humility and childlike faith gone, a mechanical, formal profession of faith has taken the place of love and devotion. Is this mournful condition of things to continue? Is the lamp of God's love to go out in darkness? . . . "The church is like the unproductive tree which, receiving the dew and rain and sunshine, should have produced an abundance of fruit, but on which the divine search discovers nothing but leaves. Solemn thought for our churches! Solemn, indeed for every individual! Marvelous is the patience and forbearance of God; but 'except thou repent', it will be exhausted; the churches, our institutions, will go from weakness to weakness, from cold formality to deadness, while they are saying, "I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing." The True Witness says, "And knowest not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor and blind, and naked?" Will they ever see clearly their true condition?

"There is to be in the churches a wonderful manifestation of the power of God, but it will not move upon those who have not humbled themselves before the Lord, and opened the doors of the heart by confession and repentance. In the manifestation of that power which lightens the earth with the glory of God, they will see only something which in their blindness they think dangerous, something which will arouse their fears, and they will brace themselves to resist it. Because the Lord does not work according to their ideas and expectations, they will oppose the work. "Why," they say, "should not we know the Spirit of God, when we have been in the work so many years?" - because they did not respond to the warnings, the entreaties of the messages of God, but persistently said, 'I am rich, and increased with goods and have need of nothing.'" Review and Herald Extra December 23 , 1890; bound Volume 2 of Review and Herald[EGW articles, pages 453 (column 3) and 454 (columns 1 and 2)]

What kind of revival will there be with the Laodiceans?   Are we sure we want to ride that boat into harbour?

"If the church of God becomes lukewarm, it does not stand in favour with God any more than do the churches that are represented as having fallen and become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird." 19MR 176

To be Laodicean is to be no different than Babylon fallen. They both think they “sit a queen and shall see no sorrow"[Rev 18:7].  They are not increased with goods.  The merchandise in Laodicea is no good.[Rev 18:11-12]  Don't buy it. It will burn like stubble. Buy Gold tried in the fire[Rev 3:21].   The Faith of Jesus.   

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