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Once a Sin, Always a Sin – EJ Waggoner

A friend asks us concerning the curse in Deut. 27:23, against a man marrying his mother-in-law, wishing to know if that prohibition is still in force, or if it is part of the law that was nailed to the cross of Christ. He says, ...Read More

The Temple of God – The BOOK – Now in PDF

Click Here for PDF. The purpose of this book is to use to reach people.  People are sick and they need hope.  They need the Holy Spirit.  They need to recognize themselves as children to whom God is willing to give good gifts.   ...Read More

Under the Law or Under Grace – NEW Video

What does the bible teach regarding the term “Under the Law”. Perhaps one of the most abused and misused terms in the bible. Many don’t believe there was faith or grace before 31 AD. The bible says Abraham was a man of faith, and ...Read More