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Another Gospel – “I Die Daily”

A very misunderstood verse, that is only truly understood by first having a correct understanding of the bible truth regarding the nature of man.   Do I Die to Sin Daily? When told of having victory over sin, and walking in newness of life.  Some ...Read More

New Booklet – Shall we Keep the Feasts?

READ PDF BY CLICKING HERE This booklet has been something that has been asked for and about for some time now.  So I’ve taken some time to write a booklet on this issue which addresses many of the issues with regards to Feast Keeping ...Read More

“The Law Made Nothing Perfect” – Hebrews 7:19

This verse is a very misunderstood and misused verse.  And so what I wanted to do in this study was break down the verse allowing the scriptures to explain themselves.  In Hebrews 7:19 we are told: “For the law made nothing perfect, but the ...Read More

Moses and the New Covenant

The bible says in Exodus 20 right after the ten commandments were given “Moses ****drew near**** unto the thick darkness where God was.” (Exo 20:21)  We are told that the rest of the people “stood afar off”. (Exo 20:21) How did Moses “Draw nigh” ...Read More

Does Christ Have a Divine\Human Spirit Since 31AD?

A Divine Human Spirit? There is a teaching today by some leaders in the Godhead movement that the Spirit of God since 31 AD is a Divine/Human Spirit, and that since the cross, that spirit is something more, or something different. But Ellen White ...Read More

New Booklet Available – What is the Church

The PDF is available here This new booklet deals with the important issue concerning God’s Church and is available to anyone who would like copies to hand out.   God has a building, and the biblical truth about this matter is clearly explained in ...Read More

Ministry Update – Go Stand in the Gate!!!

The prophet Jeremiah lived in the midst of a national apostasy.   The temple of Solomon was still standing and Jeremiah was given warning after warning from God to give to the people to turn from the BAAL worship and violating the Sabbath.   The bible ...Read More

What is the Church?

One of the most important and pressing questions in the study of the bible is this very question.   It has been such a misunderstood and misused term for so long, that it is time to let the bible shine its light on the issue ...Read More

Get out of the Cities – A Loud Cry

Knowing the Time of Visitation Luke 19:41-44  “And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,  Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from ...Read More

September Newsletter Release – Lightened by His Glory

September Newsletter Release ISSUE 7 – September Newsletter Download Link >Download Newsletter< August 2015 Lightened by His Glory Newsletter: Events are Rapidly Unfolding before us. Inside This Issue: Get Out of the Cities The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Lamb of God Featured Article: Who Is Israel? ...Read More

The Sign of His Coming and the End of the World

The Abomination of Desolation  – The Sign of His Coming The bible speaks of many abominations.   However, there is one particular abomination that is rightly called “the abomination of desolation”.   Jesus told us “when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of ...Read More